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Build a multi-party participation platform The International Food Loss Reduction Conference will be held in Jinan, Shandong

From September 9th to 11th, the International Food Loss Conference will be held in Jinan, Shandong. Representatives from home and abroad and from all walks of life will gather in Quancheng to exchange experiences and results of food loss reduction work, and discuss major issues such as international food loss reduction challenges, cooperation, responsibilities and governance. According to the news of the press conference held by the State Council Information Office on the morning of September 7, the conference has invited the agriculture ministers of the G20 countries including Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Indonesia, the special envoy of the United Nations Food Summit, and the Director-General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The head of the organization, as well as representatives of Uruguay, Serbia, Fiji, and the African Union, made speeches online. At the same time, ambassadors to China from 15 countries including Australia, Canada, Ireland, Chile, representatives from more than 50 countries, more than 40 internationally renowned experts, and heads of many multinational companies will attend the conference. The largest international event held in the field.     The theme of this conference is "Reduce Food Loss and Waste, and Promote World Food Security". The main purpose of this conference is to build a platform for dialogue between members of the G20, representatives of countries in various regions, international organizations, multinational companies, and academia to discuss international food Major issues such as mitigation challenges, cooperation, responsibility and governance.     Ma Youxiang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that the convening of this conference will help build a consensus of the international community on food loss, build a good atmosphere for global food reduction and loss, and strengthen the resilience of world food security under the epidemic; The upcoming World Food Summit and the Group of Twenty Leaders Summit reserve the results, outline the timetable and roadmap for future cooperation, and promote the formation of a long-term cooperation mechanism; help promote agriculture to respond to climate change and green development, and realize the United Nations 2030 The sustainable development agenda contributes to the "Zero Hunger, Zero Poverty" standard.     According to Li Meng, the vice governor of Shandong Province, the National Crop Variety Exhibition and Demonstration Center (Shanghe) and the Central Reserve Grain Jinan Depot Co., Ltd. were designated as two on-site observation points. Among them, the National Crop Variety Exhibition and Demonstration Center (Shanghe) will focus on grain farming, planting, management, and harvesting, comprehensively displaying agricultural machinery on-site operations, breeding results, and intelligent Internet of Things systems; China National Grain Storage Jinan Co., Ltd. will focus on In the grain storage link, the system displays the grain storage equipment and advanced technology of my country's grain depots, enterprises, and farmers.     "During the conference, the Jinan Initiative of the International Conference on Food Loss Reduction will be announced, and the Shandong Province Food Loss Reduction Action will be launched." Li Meng said. "The Chinese government attaches great importance to food production and food loss reduction. We will take this conference as an opportunity to promote the establishment of an international food loss reduction cooperation mechanism, jointly reduce global food loss and waste, and jointly promote world food security." Ma Youxiang said.    

Installation photos of Vietnam in 2010

Installation photos of Vietnam in 2010

Installation of steel silo in Fiji, Australia in 2012

The picture shows an all steel cone bottom steel silo installed by our company for Australian customers in Fiji in 2012. The diameter of the silo is 11 meters, the total height of the silo is 23.3 meters, the cone bottom angle is 40 degrees, the galvanizing amount of silo coaming is 275 g / m2, the capacity of the silo is 1200 tons, and the material in the silo is wheat.

The project of intelligent drying and storage integrated machine has been put into use and passed the provincial acceptance

On June 12, 2015, the intelligent drying and storage integrated machine project jointly developed by Zibo Boda steel warehouse Co., Ltd. and Shandong University of technology was officially put into use. On June 12, leaders from provincial, municipal and local agricultural machinery bureaus and local agricultural machinery extension stations visited the project site to guide the inspection work. In August 2016, the project passed the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau expert group acceptance.

Mayor Zhou Lianhua visited our company

On August 10, 2016, mayor Zhou Lianhua, accompanied by the mayor of Zhongbu town and the leaders of Zhangdian Economic Development Zone, visited our company.

2017 Spring Festival annual meeting

At 4 pm on February 14, 2017, Zibo Boda steel warehouse Co., Ltd. held the 2017 Spring Festival annual meeting in the blue island hotel. The annual meeting opened with the speech of general manager Wan Jinggang, followed by the speeches of department leader Wan Jingwei and employee representative Fu Bin. During the period, the performance and lucky draw were interspersed, and it was successfully concluded at about 8 pm.
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