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Dear friends,

Welcome to our website!

Zibo Boda Steel Silo Co., Ltd., with the care and support of friends from all walks of life, has gone through ups and downs of more than 10 years in the mutual benefit principle. In the past decade, we gradually formed our own characteristics and advantages in silos and ancillary equipment, expanded the scope of operations and sales, and made considerable achievements. Being nation-based, world-oriented, we offer the design, production, and installation of steel silo engineering for many countries, winning the consistent trust and recognition. Our company is staffed with a well-trained engineering design team, manufacturing team, a professional installation & construction team, and a group of high-caliber management talents. Due to efforts of all the staff, great improvement has been made in the steel silo process design, civil design, automation control, and the manufacturing, installation, and debugging of ancillary elevator, conveyor, and equipment for magnetic separation, dust removal, measurement, fumigation, ventilation, temperature measurement, and material level. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

In the policy of “Scientific Management, Standardized Operation, Superior Service, Competitive Products, Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement”, we will implement the total quality management and operation in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 Quality Management System, and persist in the strict quality control to ensure the highest quality engineering and the most satisfactory service for the customers.

The accumulated expertise of a decade and a wealth of high and new technologies, combined with professional knowledge and experienced engineers and designers, can ensure a high reputation of our product technology and services in China and even in the whole world. Recalling the course of development of the past decade, Boda staff comes to realize the true meaning of “Customer is God”. Always receiving care, trust and love from users from all walks of life, Boda will repay users with its high technology and excellent services all the time. Boda people learn a lot from the partners and colleagues and also get their full understanding and support, feeling pleasant in cooperation and understanding. Boda will move forward in the constant cooperation with its counterparts. We hope to get more recognition and trust of customers and we will continue to improve and forge ahead in face of challenges.

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