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BODA STEEL SILO CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of steel grain storage silos. BODA is gradually growing to be one of the top international suppliers of bolted steel silos. BODA offer grain storage solutions, grain handling and conveying equipment, electrical control systems and related equipment to customers. We enjoy a reputation for supplying high quality products.

Are you thinking about building high quality grain storage silos with a long working life? The BODA engineering team have decades of experience in steel silo design and manufacturing, and will provide you with a comprehensive “One Stop” grain storage solution. More models and choices for flat bottom grain storage silos- with diameter ranges from 3.66m to 32.00m. The storage capacity of individual flat bottom steel silos can be up to 15,000 tonnes.More user-friendly features and built-in value to help you maintain and protect the quality of your stored grain.

BODA services include planning, design, fabrication and installation.BODA commercial hopper-bottom silos offer you a variety of sizes, features and capacities to meet your needs. The diameter of hopper-bottom silos are from 3.6m to 10.0m with capacities from 10 tonnes to 1,500 tonnes per silo.BODA steel silos offer top-quality performance and long service life. BODA enjoy a worldwide reputation for high quality and reliability. We offer you the most innovative design of grain storage systems.

BODA bolted steel grain storage silos offer an extensive range of designs; hundreds of size and model combinations; fast assembly and low cost. An extensive range of grain handling equipment and accessories including bucket elevators, drag conveyors, temperature measurement systems, aeration systems and electric control systems.Project planning assistance, foundation design and comprehensive installation instruction manuals are available. BODA offer you the best grain storage solution with a complete range of back-up services.

BODA use only high quality, corrugated galvanized steel plate in the construction of their silo walls. For large capacity silos the bottom rings of wall sheets may be double-thickness to provide additional strength.The strong interior or exterior stiffeners on BODA steel silos help your silos efficiently handle the considerable stress and strain of stored grain and roof-mounted equipment

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